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Interview with Dr. David Alpeter of Bosley Medical

By December 14, 2010 No Comments

Dr. David Alpeter is a hair restoration physician working with Bosley out of New York. Alpeter joined us in the Hair Science Studios to discuss rogaine, propecia, and the current state of hair restoration science.

Alpeter also discusses Bosley’s Aderans Research Institute (“Aderans”), which is pioneering cell-based solutions for hair loss. Aderans technology, currently in development, may make it possible to multiply or clone hair, providing a potentially unlimited supply.

In 3 – 5 years, candidates for hair regeneration may no longer be limited by the number of hairs on their head. Aderans envisions a time when anyone, regardless of the degree of hair loss, can have a full head of hair.

During the Aderans process (which it calls “Ji Gami”), a small piece of tissue is removed from the neckline. Cells are cultivated in controlled conditions where they are encouraged to multiply by the addition of proprietary growth media. When enough new cells are formed, they are returned to the scalp, where they are injected and elicit new hair growth and thickness, ultimately producing more hair than the client had before.