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John K. Randall, RPh, MD

By October 29, 1999 No Comments

John K. Randall, RPh, MD

124 Sagamore Parkway West
West Lafayette, Indiana
United States

Phone: (765) 463-6722
Fax: (765) 463-0905

Located in the heart of West Lafayette IN, Randall Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery offers state-of-the-art specialized procedures for laser treatments, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic skin care, and general dermatology.

Our Dermatoplastic Surgeon, Dermatological Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are extremely knowledgeable, highly trained and offer a wide variety of dermatologic and aesthetic procedures. As a Randall Dermatology patient, you’ll receive the finest quality treatment in a warm, caring environment. Whatever your skin care needs – from addressing tell-tale signs of aging, to preventing and treating skin cancer, removing unsightly markings, or re-contouring your features – we’ll craft you a complete, customized program utilizing the most advanced technology.